Engage your customers and make them loyal

Dynamic e-commerce loyalty program with a 360 degree perspective

360˙ loyalty

Gain valuable insights through a complete overview of your customers behaviors and actions, then, act on your insights directly.

  • Loyalty by purchases
  • Loyalty by social engagement
  • Loyalty by data overview
  • Loyalty by participation

Loyalty just got changed! No more linear, one way, money in – points out loyalty programs. We measure loyalty for what it´s all about, from a 360 degree perspective, with social interactions in mind.

At the heart of Applied:Loyalty is the 360-degree view of each customer’s profile, attitudinal insights, and behavioral information. It provides users access to extensive information on each member, including tier status and value, transaction history, loyalty assets, eligible and enrolled promotions, service requests, sales orders and activities, preferences and response history. Using Applied:Loyaltys analytics engine, business users can leverage this information to improve customer insight, personalize the customer experience, and simplify decision making.


Loyalty on the fly

Applied:Loyalty comes with a mobile extension, bridging your e-commerce store with physical stores, with the possibility to reach out to your customers at any time, wherever they might be.

No more useless membership cards, your customers will get full overview of their loyalty and benefits in real time.

  • Send offers directly to your users on their mobile units
  • Reach out to your customers on location, in stores, with the beacons integration
  • Customers can access and overview their loyalty score and benefits
  • Link your e-commerce shop with your physical stores

How it works


How Applied:Loyalty works

Applied:Loyalty is a tool for e-commerce customer overview and insight, that is easy to use for creating better customer experiences and highly personalized marketing. Applied:Loyalty also contains a gamification-centric, white-labeled, loyalty program, that gives your customers the right, personalized incentives, to stay active and reach the next level of loyalty towards your business.

With Applied:Loyalty, your company can overview customer behavior and actions on site, and in social media. The system allows for marketeers to get full control and overview of their customers spending value, personal data, social engagement rate, level of participation on events, in surveys and more.


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